Mac OS X

Select "Open Network Preferences" by clicking on the wifi or network icon in the top panel

Click plus icon to add vpn configuration

Select VPN as the interface

Select PPTP as the VPN Type

You can choose any name for the service name, we recommend using "VPNOD", then click create, and finally click on the Advanced button

Make sure that "Send all traffic over VPN connection" is checked and click ok.

put in the Server Address field and put the username you received from or into the account name. Make sure also that the "Show VPN Status in menu bar" is checked. You will only need to perform steps 1 to 7 once when you first use It will be much easier the next time

On the top menu bar, click on the VPN icon as shown in the image and select "Connect VPNOD". VPNOD will be the name of the service name you typed at step 5

Finally, enter the username and password you obtained from and click ok and wait for the connection to be established. The next time you use, you will only need to perform steps 8 & 9.